U2, The current architect

The answer to the question «what is an architect» seems not to exist. Even between the architects there is different currents. For example, Peter Zumthor thinks of the architect as a constructor more than a philosopher or an artist, while Kazuyo Sejima likes to play with the disposal of elements and how they will affect her work and especially the people. Alfonso Muñoz Cosme thinks that «to be an architect is to know how to recognise and interpret the reality that surround us, but also to be able to dream and imagine things that dont exist yet», and Alberto Campo Baeza said «to be an architect is to be able to turn a house into a dream and a dream into a house».

The one thing thing in which architects agree is in that is necessary a training in which you learn to analyze your surroundings by travelling, reading, watching films, drawing, photographing… learning how to think and to create. Frank Lloyd also added in a series of tips that he wrote in 1931 «To the young one that dedicates to architecture» that this learning process to a mature architect should take at least 10 years of dedication.